The Cooperative participates with the following:

  • Freedhome: a network of 13 social enterprises coming from 10 regions in Italy which operate in the prison economy. Founded in 2016 with the goal of providing an instrument for the development of productive and social potential in the prison business community. It is the first grouping on a national level of social enterprises that operate in Italy’s prison economy.
  • Federsolidarietà: the Federation, which represents social enterprises and companies belonging to Confcooperative on an institutional, political and union-based level, handles the promotion and development of its organizations.
  • AERES for the “other economy” in Venice: begun in 2008, this association pursues two main goals: the development of a network of the local ethical economy and the construction of an alternative economic district. It is rooted in new methods of working, producing, saving and consuming, and the cooperation and democratic participation of local institutions, producers, financial professionals and consumers.
  • Consorzio Sociale Unitario Zorzetto: The Consortium supports the activities of associated cooperatives and encourages their collaboration with other public and private entities, with the aim of increasing the community’s interest in the humane promotion of its citizens’ social integration.