Our team is comprised of a mixture of volunteer members, who are a fundamental resource for the laboratories’ expansion, and also working members (operators, prisoners and instructors of the professional courses). Most belong to the category of disadvantaged people according to Art.4 of Law 381/91 for social cooperatives.


The cooperative has an average of 30 employees that include prisoners involved in projects and production, services and sales, as free people. There is an operator from the cooperative that functions as coordinator for each activity. Then there are other people who act as technicians (for example, the chemist and agronomist) and volunteers who offer support.

 Board of Directors​

Acting since May 2015, the current Board of Directors consists of three members:​

President: Liri Longo – l.longo@riotera-ve.it
Vice President: Vania Carlot –v.carlot@riotera-ve.it
Amministrator: Giuseppe Amendola