Daydreaming INSIDE-OUT


In occasion of the first year celebration of the collaboration between Mark Bradford and Rio Terà dei Pensieri through the Process Collettivo project Bradford has entrusted the architect Fabiola Bazzo with a new project to highlight the various paths of rehabilitation that are being undertaken by women and men in the penitentiary system.

It was with these ideals that the project Daydreaming INSIDE-OUT was created. The title comes from the famous saying from well-known Winsor McCay in a celebrated vignette of Little Nemo (1905-09); it is a cartoon that represents the imaginary trip to the markets of the cooperative with individuals from the penitentiary, with the conclusion at the Process Collettivo space at the Frari.

Il fumetto di Daydreaming Inside Out

An additional part of the initiative includes the requalification of the market area to give heightened visibility to the biological fruits and vegetables as well as the natural cosmetic products.