We invite you to celebrate Process Collettivo’s 1st anniversary!

We invite you to celebrate Process Collettivo’s 1st anniversary!

Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.
San Polo 2559/A, Fondamenta dei Frari – Venice


We are happy to share and celebrate the first year of collaboration between artist Mark Bradford and the Rio Terà dei Pensieri social cooperative, which came into being through the Process Collettivo project. The bilingual name represents a project that connects Italy and the USA: the project is a process that will evolve over six years and is fundamentally collective in nature, as the outcome of the contribution and planning of the Rio Terà members, Mark Bradford and his staff, and with the support of partners and friends.
Process Collettivo shop aims to create a positive connection between the prison population and the city. We believe that the products made by the prisoners themselves become ambassadors of their work. They also tangibly demonstrate the development of the people who created them. The products are ambassadors of their story!

On occasion of the 1st anniversary, guests will have an exclusive preview of the second Limited Edition Bradford bag!