Caring about people and a fairer production chain

The cosmetics lab has been active since 2001 within the women’s prison of the Giudecca. It currently has three workers who are coordinated by an operator from the Cooperative and under the supervision of a chemist as Manager of product safety control.

The prisoners who are interested in this course of work can take a professional training course that ultimately leads them to job placement in case of turn over and according to development plans.

Our products

Our products are safe (we pay special attention to the creation of formulas, traceability and preparation), unique (they are the product of original formulas) and delicate (they are organic or natural, suitable for young children, and products that pay special attention to the environment).

Our brand, Rio Terà dei Pensieri, offers different lines:

  • The Natural Line: characterized by three different fragrances of shower gel, shampoo and deodorant (Wood and Citrus, Magic from the Orient, and Secrets of Essences), and from a complete set of personal care products.
  • The Organic Line: lotions, shower gel, shampoo and products specifically designed for young children with ICEA certification (Eco Bio Cosmetics).
  • The Traditional Product Line: soaps, bars of soap, smelling salts and room fragrances that are characterized by fragrances developed in our lab and made with mixtures of natural essential oils.
  • The BtoB Line for hotels: we offer a complete range of courtesy products with possibilities for customized fragrances, looks and sizes. We can satisfy the requirements of both large Hotels and smaller guest houses.

Manager of Cosmetics Lab:
Vania Carlot

Sales Manager:
Emanuela Lucidi

Technical Manager of Cosmetics Lab:
Giuseppe Amendola

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    Where you can find and buy our products

    Venice and its surroundings, and other cities

    Aqua Altra
    Bottega del commercio Equo e Solidale
    Campo S. Margherita

    Arras Tessuti
    Campiello Squelini 3235

    Che Follia – Era Coo. Soc.
    Via Tribunali, 308
    Facebook: Chefollia

    El Fòntego
    Bottega del Mondo
    Via Paruta 23/A, Mestre

    Coop. soc. I Piosi
    Via 2 Giugno, 11
    Sommacampagna (VR)

    Via Toti Dal Monte, 27
    Mogliano Veneto
    Facebook: Semplicenaturale
    328 364 7060

    Salizada Sant’antonin 3540, 30122
    Facebook: StrabonVenezia

    La Bottega del Germoglio
    Piazza Castello 53, Piove di Sacco