All the prisoners on parole and under social service custody can participate in one of the workplaces outside of the prison. Currently Rio Terà manages three external workplaces:

  • Direct Sales Point: The Cooperative has a sales kiosk for its own products, where the prisoners find employment. It is a very important activity because it allows the prisoners the chance to directly deal with the public, living in the city and visitors to the city, by putting forth products and promoting the message of quality and ethics that they represent.

 Where you can find us
“Process Collettivo”
San Polo, 2559/A
Fondamenta dei Frari
30125 Venice
Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
Tel 041-524-3125

  • Recycled PVC Lab: beginning in 2013 as a development of the workplace already active in the men’s prison. Looking at the need to expand the production capacity of this sector, the Cooperative thought it would be best to have it grow by opening a new lab outside of the prison. This would help the prisoners’ social and work reintegration.
  • Cleaning public urban areas: in agreement with the multi-service company VERITAS, some of the Cooperative’s employees, together with prisoners with supervision measures as an alternative to detention, work by cleaning streets and public areas in the city. This is also a way to gradually be reintegrated into the working fabric of the city.

Manager of Workplaces Outside the Prison:
Elena Botter

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